Product Line

At the 36 A Day Golf Co. we aim to develop quality products, value priced which will showcase your passion for the game.  We seek to build products that will reflect the different preferences and priorities you have for a golf hat based on your personal style, functionality, and comfort.

  1. Lightweight and Comfortable: We’re golfers too and are always seeking hats that are lightweight and comfortable to wear throughout their round. Our products are lightweight, made to fit ideally and offer adjustable sizing options.
  2. Breathability: Golf can be physically demanding, and a hat that allows airflow and keeps the head cool is desirable. We offer up the best quality of headwear that will keep you cool, as we know Canadian summers can get hot.
  3. Moisture Management: Our performance and buckets hats some with moisture-wicking properties.  These hats help keep your head dry and comfortable by drawing away moisture and allowing it to evaporate quickly.
  4. Style and Design: Personal style plays a role in selecting a golf hat. Our product line is tight in its offerings but we’re always exploring stylish and innovative design so check out site regularly.  Don’t see something you like? Contact us and let us know a style preference you’d like.  
  5. Sun Protection: Golf is an outdoor sport, and protection from the sun’s harmful rays is essential. Our bucket hat offers the best protection with a built in UPF50+ protection in its design.   
  6. Durability: We’ve got you covered.  With proper hat care, our products should last you for many seasons!

The product line revolves around the iconic Canadian maple leaf.  It is prominently featured on all our products.  You can wear one of the most recognizable symbols associated with this great golf country.

Our performance hat is popular for its sleek and comfortable fit. The use of a polyester with breathable mesh and an adjustable Velcro strap ensures durability and flexibility, which is perfect for withstanding the Canadian golf climate. 

Our bucket hats are fitted for your comfort, offer UPF protection too, and other products are fully adjustable at the back, providing an ideal fit for different head sizes.  

The trucker hat is a casual option for anything from a casual nine holes to a weekend at the lake.  

What we’re offering has been streamlined and we’re re-launching with white hats; three varieties to suit your preference and style. Check back regularly, as we plan to launch new styles and colour options in the future.

You can always refer to the Product Catalogue provided to see the latest products available.

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